The new version of Mobile Banking from Vista Bank integrates Malwarelytics, an antivirus feature that protects the user's entire mobile device

February 9, 2021

The latest version of Vista Mobile Banking for Android comes with a security extra-benefit for the bank's customers. Thus, it integrates Malwarelytics Antivirus, an innovative security feature that protects both Vista Bank mobile applications and the user's entire mobile device. The new feature detects potential malicious applications active on the user's smartphone or tablet, enabling the client to uninstall them immediately.

“We are always looking for new solutions to ensure the highest security standards to our clients. Mobile malware is a fast growing phenomenon, with users around the world targeted by this type of threat. The integration of Malwarelytics Antivirus into Vista Mobile Banking for Android adds an extra level of security to the application, but it also brings, as a novelty, an extended protection to the entire mobile device, helping customers to keep their mobile data safe.” stated Cornel Stanescu, Deputy General Manager Vista Bank Romania.

To benefit from the increased protection offered by the new feature, clients have to update the Vista Mobile Banking for Android to its newest version, in case it was not updated automatically (depending on the user’s mobile device settings).

Malwarelytics complements the Appshielding (RASP) functionality, implemented by the bank last summer, which ensures Vista Mobile Banking and Vista eToken applications high protection against a wide range of sophisticated cyber-attacks.

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