Vista Bank launches Vista 3D Secure mobile application for more secure card online payments

July 31, 2020

Vista Bank launches Vista 3D Secure - a mobile application that better protects customers when paying online with Vista Bank cards. Thus, the new application allows clients to conduct e-commerce transactions in strict security and with a simplified authentication process, with the help of biometric identification (digital fingerprint / facial recognition) or of other means that secure their mobile device.

Vista 3D Secure will replace the previous 3D Secure solution for authorizing online card payments, via SMS, for customers who install the new application on an Android or iOS smartphone / tablet.

Vista 3D Secure brings cardholders the benefit of more secure e-commerce transactions, by implementing the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) standard, which will become mandatory in the European Economic Area from 2021. Thus, in order to adopt the new solution, customers have a period of adjustment until the end of 2020. Given the advantages in terms of payment security, the bank's recommendation is to adopt the new Vista 3D Secure solution as soon as possible in order to immediately benefit from the high level of security offered by the SCA standard.

Another advantage of the new solution is a better customer experience, due to a streamlined authentication process through biometric identification methods (digital fingerprint, facial recognition) or other methods of securing the mobile device used by the customer.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in the case of online card payments (online payment at merchants / e-commerce payment) means that the identity of cardholders must be more strictly verified in the European Economic Area, using two of the three authentication methods presented below:

  • Authentication methods based on knowledge (something only the customer knows): for example, password or PIN
  • Authentication methods based on possession (something only the customer has): for example, a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) or other physical authentication device
  • Authentication methods based on inherence (something the customer is): for example, digital fingerprint or facial recognition (biometric authentication).

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