Vista Bank launches Vista Green Home – a mortgage loan that encourages the acquisition of Green Homes, certified by Romania Green Building Council

November 24, 2021

Vista Bank launches, in partnership with Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC), Vista Green Home real estate loan, a product that supports clients who choose to buy or build green, environmentally friendly homes.

The new product offers financing at preferential costs (interest and commissions) for individual customers who purchase, upgrade, expand or build residential homes that are certified or pre-certified as Green Homes by RoGBC. In addition, customers who transfer their monthly income to Vista Bank can cumulate the respective discount rate, thus accessing the most advantageous real estate loan offer in the bank's portfolio.

Ecaterina Ciuraru, Marketing and Product Development Manager, Vista Bank: “A green home is an ideal investment for a better future, because it ensures healthier, more comfortable living standards, with low impact on the environment and, last but not least, help owners to make long-term savings by reduced costs for utilities and repairs. Through the Vista Green Home loan, we offer to future homeowners a more advantageous financing alternative compared to standard loans. We are committed to supporting a sustainable way of life, in harmony with the environment, and we are confident that, if everyone contributes through responsible decisions, green homes will become the preferred choice in real estate.”

Andrei Botis, President of Romania Green Building Council: “We are proud to announce our partnership with Vista Bank to promote better quality, more comfortable, healthier and environmental responsible homes for Romania’s families through the launch of their Vista Green Home mortgage product. Our climate challenge requires the commitment of businesses and citizens alike. This initiative represents another step in the right direction.”

Green Homes certified by RoGBC meet a number of sustainability criteria that ensure both a minimal impact on the environment and a superior quality of life for homeowners. Thus, green projects implies high energy performance, reduced water consumption, more natural light, clean indoor air, acoustic comfort, durable materials (less repairs), multifunctional design, landscaping, use of non-toxic materials, low carbon emissions, waste sorting and collection system, quick access to public transport or facilitating pedestrian, bicycle or electric car transport. In terms of costs, the initial investments in quality and energy performance are offset over time with the savings made due to much lower monthly energy and repair bills.

About Vista Bank

Vista Bank has been present on the Romanian banking market since 1998, being formerly known as Marfin Bank. Following the taking over in July 2018 by a strong shareholders group, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in South East Europe, the bank has seen a significant strengthening of its business, management and strategy. With a network of 31 branches and 320 employees, Vista Bank provides a full range of products and services to local and international clients. For more information, please visit

Despre Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC)

Romania Green Building Council is a non-profit association that promotes environmental responsibility in the construction sector, being the organization that grants Green Homes certification. Green Homes is the most well-known and robust national certification system for the residential sector. For more information: [email protected] și

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