Romanian Police, Romanian Cyber Security Authority and Romanian Banking Association launch a campaign against on-line frauds

March 2, 2021

Joint press release: The Romanian Police, the National Cyber Security Incident Response Center (CERT-RO) and the Romanian Association of Banks (ARB) draw attention to the recent cyber security incidents of fraud, distributed through general announcement websites in Romania and launch an awareness campaign designed to protect customers against online fraud.

It is recommended that people who post sales announcements on the sites do not communicate their card data, as these are confidential and used exclusively for purchases and not for receiving money. Users are advised to check all the details before making a transaction.

The mechanism used is dual, the attackers targeting both buyers and sellers of the platform. The attack method involves contacting users and redirecting them to other chat solutions, usually Whatsapp. The next step is to convince the potential victim to provide their card data, after they access an illegitimate link sent by the attackers. Thus, all the card data is obtained, including the security passwords with which a first transfer transaction is performed (which will debit the seller's card account), and then the attackers use them for other fraudulent transactions.

The joint press release of the three institutions can be accesed here:

If you have been a victim of this type of fraud, we recommend you to immediately contact the card issuing bank and block it.

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