Cash loans
Non-cash loans

Overdraft for the current activity

Looking forward for the development of your business, whenever you find an opportunity in the market, our bank is ready to give you an overdraft to cover unforeseen expenses while you can focus on your business and prepare your strategy for the future.

Loans for small investments

Our bank finances small investment projects such as equipment purchases or expanding and upgrading existing ones. This way, your company can take advantage of a quick decision that will bring greater profitability to your business.

Loans for working capital

With this type of loans, our bank sets to finance the day-to-day expenses of commercial companies (wages, energy bills, raw material purchases, operational expenses, etc.), thus increasing the profitability of our partners and contributing to maximizing profits.

Medium and long-term loans

The bank finances companies by providing medium to long-term loans covering the main portion of the total cost. The loans offered by the bank will be reimbursed according to the forecasted cash-flow. Also, Vista Leasing can provide you with financing solutions for equipment purchases.

Real Estate Financing

On the principle that every business needs a place to grow, our bank considers an opportunity to finance well-located real estate projects, with real economic potential.

Project Financing

We have the certainty that the main growth engine of economy is to finance development projects and that's why our bank specialists are ready to assist and finance these strategic objectives. At the same time, we invite you to take advantage of our accumulated experience in various sectors of activity to successfully complete the projects.

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Whenever you need to guarantee a partner or get the guarantee of quality trade, our bank provides assistance by issuing Warranty Letters to your customers or suppliers.

Letters of Guarantee - The main types of Letters of Guarantee are:

  • Tender security in auctions
  • Payment guarantees
  • Performance guarantees
  • Pre-payment return guarantee (pre-payment received under the execution agreement)
  • Loan guarantees or other types of letters, depending on the needs of company

Documentary Operations - The main types of operations regarding letters of credit are::

  • Issuance of irrevocable letters of credit, available on spot or on time, with direct or negotiated acceptance
  • Issuance of irrevocable letters of credit within a granted credit limit.
  • Export Letter of Credit discounting.

For further information, our specialists are ready to assist you on request in the trade process.

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