In accordance with the legal provisions in force and to support you in case you are dissatisfied with the quality of the products and services provided by VISTA BANK, or you have encountered an unpleasant situation in the collaboration with us, please inform us through one of the methods described in this guide.

For a better understanding we are presenting you below the definitions, the methods of addressing and analysis, the competent authorities, as well as the deadlines for resolving the complaints:

Complaint = Application or referral written on a durable format, justified or not, whereby a questioner expresses its dissatisfaction with the activities provided by the bank or whereby a questioner expresses its dissatisfaction with the actions of the bank relating to the processing of his/her personal data.

Applicant = individual or legal person who assumes that is eligible in order for his complaint to be examined and has already filed a complaint.

How do you formulate a complaint?

For helping us to investigate better the situation described and to respond to you in due time, please include in the content of the complaint submitted at least the following information:

  • a) Identification data:
    • In case of individual clients/non-clients:
      • Name, surname;
      • Telephone number;
      • Another identifier of you (for example, but without limitation: CNP, date of birth, account number, customer ID);
      • E-mail address (if applicable);
    • in the case legal entities/entities without legal personality clients
      • Entity name;
      • Name of legal representative, phone number, address;
      • E-mail address (if applicable);
      • The quality of the person submitting the complaint (holder/empowered/representative);
  • b) The date on which you encountered the issue on which you filed the complaint;
  • c) The description of the situation complained of;
  • d) The request addressed to Vista Bank in connection with the reported situation;
  • e) Any documents which could sustain the fast verification of the reported situation;
  • f) The method chosen for receiving the answer to your complaint (by mail, by phone or by e-mail).

How can you send us a complaint?

  • We provide several communication channels:
    • Call Center: + 4021.222.33.10;
    • email at:;
    • In case of complaints about the processing of personal data:;
    • Presentation in one of our bank's territorial units; you can find the list of all territorial units at the following link:;
    • By post, at the address of Vista Bank Headquarters, street Emanoil Porumbaru Nr. 90-92, Sector 1, Bucharest.

How do we analyze and solve your complaint?

The analysis and resolution of complaints within VISTA BANK is carried out by departments specialized in this regard, as soon as possible.

After resolving the complaint, the answer will be sent to you by the method agreed and communicated to the Bank, respectively: by mail to the correspondence address, by e-mail or by telephone.

If the resolution offered does not satisfy you, you can address a competent authority or an alternative dispute resolution mechanism:

  • ANPC– National Authority For Consumer Protection
    Address: 72 Aviatorilor Avenue, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
    Phone: 021/9551.

  • CSALB – The Alternative Banking Dispute Resolution Center
    Address: 24 Sevastopol Street, floor 2, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
    Phone: 021/9414.

  • ANSPDCP- The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing
    Address: 28-30 G-ral Gheorghe Magheru Avenue, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
    Phone: 031/8059211.

  • BNR – The National Bank of Romania
    Address: 25 Lipscani Street, Sector3, Bucharest;
    Phone: 021/3130410.

  • ASF – Financial Supervisory Authority
    Adress: 15 Splaiul Independenţei, sector 5, Bucharest;
    Phone: 08008256.

Deadlines for resolving complaints within VISTA BANK:

The answer of the complaint will be sent to you in accordance with the legal provisions in force, as follows:

    • 30 days for complaints submitted by individuals, who have as their object credit agreements concluded with VISTA BANK;
    • 15 days for claims related to payment services submitted by individuals, legal persons/entities without legal personality who do NOT have as their object credit agreements concluded with VISTA BANK. If the answer cannot be transmitted within the term for reasons independent of VISTA BANK or if the issues referred requires a more detailed research, we will send you a provisional response, which will indicate clearly the reasons why the answer to the complaint will reach with delay and will specify the deadline by which you will receive the definitive answer.
    • One month from the date of receipt by VISTA BANK, for all complaints and requests concerning the processing of personal data, with the possibility of extending by two months, when necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of applications. Mandatory, the customer / concerned person shall be informed of any such extension, within one month from the request receiving, presenting the reasons for the delay;
    • 30 days for complaints submitted by legal persons/entities without legal personality other than those mentioned above.

If the steps taken by VISTA BANK, for solving your claim exceed the legal term of response, you will be informed of the status of the resolving.

Thank you and we are at your disposal for further information.

Vista Bank Team

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